A little about me

I'm a traveling elopement + portrait photographer from Eugene, Oregon. I have a amazing husband who supports all my crazy dreams + lifestyle, two adorable kitties, and two shepherds that I'm completely obsessed with. I'm a three cups of coffee for breakfast kind of girl, but if you offer me a margarita, I will always say yes! I could watch Netflix all day snuggling my man and our fur babies, but getting outside and going on a epic adventure makes me happier than anything. I feel most myself when I'm Central Oregon, surrounded by Ponderosa Pines & Cabins. My dream is to buy land out there, a build the most epic A Frame of my dreams, after traveling around in an Airstream. I know this is the most basic intro "about me" but it's really me and I really talk like this!!

Meet the Team

Dusty (my hubs)

This freaking hottie is ALL MINE. I'm so thankful for him + so in love with him! He is my #1 fan, my biggest supporter, and also sometimes the person who gives me a big kick in the ass to get shit down. Seriously I don't think I'd be where I am today without this guy <3

My fam <3

Zeus + Nala

These pups make all the early mornings + late nights possible. They snuggle my feet, keep me entertained, let me know when it's time to take a break and get some fresh air. These two are my whole world.

a bit more about me!

 If you could scratch + sniff my style, it would smell like burnt marshmallows, campfire smoke, sage and ponderosa pines. I love the outdoors + I want to capture couples who love the outdoors.

Fun Facts: I’m completely obsessed with Twilight, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Pokemon, lil campers + cabins and I say fuck a lot. I promise to keep on lock down while I’m taking your pictures!

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