business coaching

I can tell you right now that I wouldn’t be a full time photographer without having so many amazing mentors, coaching + a support system rooting me on. There have been so many late nights of brainstorming, planning, and dreaming. But I’ve also been a photographer for 13 years….which means there have been so many years of learning + mistakes made.

I want to see your business sky rocket in ways you didn’t think was possible. To build your confidence, to expand your ideas, to make your dreams reachable. I will be giving you tangible ways to achieve these goals. I will be tracking your social media, website data, keeping constant notes on your plans, giving you homework, AND KEEPING YOU ACCOUNTABLE.

We will start it off with a 30 min zoom call discussing all your goals, plans, dreams, struggles + more! From there we will have bi-weekly zoom calls and constant availability to chat through the app “voxer” if questions come up. All while I will be keeping track of your social + website engagement and creating plans/homework for you to achieve all your goals!

After each call, you will receive a shared notes document, homework + plans for the next call! 

Things we could cover: 

Social Media Strategy
Blogging + SEO
Goals + task accountability
Marketing strategy + creation
Email correspondence and help
Brand Strategy
Website Workshop (photos, copy, client experience, and more)
Passive Income Strategy

This is for PHOTOGRAPHERS, who are anywhere from the beginning of their business, maybe you just bought your first camera and you want to dive in COMPLETELY! Or maybe you’ve been doing this for years and years, and just can’t get to where you want to be. Maybe you are ready to go full time, and need that last push. You could’ve just gone full time and you need the guidance to make your new time count. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is that this is geared for the photographer who is ready to take that big leap, and put in the hard work to see their business sky rocket! I don’t there’s a specific spot to point out in your business where you feel ready for a business coach, I think it’s more about listening to your heart + your gut about how far you want to take your business and if you want the help to take it there!

Who Is This Geared Towards?!

4 month plan:

Every other week for 4 months, we will be hoping on a zoom call and actively working together to create your dream business. We will go over your ideas + plans, make changes, plan ahead + so much more. You will build a new confidence in your business to keep that momentum going!


» Eight - 1 Hour Calls (bi-weekly)
» Voxer messages as needed for questions
» Intensive Questionnaire
» Answers to Questions within Time Frame
» Tangible Task List + Mentorship Notes
» Recording of all Calls downloaded to Google Drive

What’s included:

$1750/per month for 4 months

2 Hour call:

This is a one time zoom call for 2 hours! I will send you a very intensive questionnaire when we book the call, and from there we will figure out what all we can go over in that 2 hour time frame.

» Two Hour Call
» Intensive Questionnaire
» Answers to Questions within Time Frame
» Tangible Task List + Mentorship Notes
» Recording of the call downloaded to Google Drive

What’s included:


» 45 min Zoom call
» Full website review + audit
» I will personally chose the photos I want you to change out based off your client galleries + social media
» Tangible Task List + Mentorship Notes
» Recording of zoom call downloaded to Google Drive

What’s included:


This is the perfect way to uplevel your site to book your dream clients. People always say they will fix their site when they can, but the sooner we do this, the sooner you're booking your dream clients.
We will tackle all the small things to fix, things you’ve noticed or thought about. I will ask you about your dream business + we will build off of that to create a actual plan. I won’t leave you with just some ideas and hope you actually do them. We are going to make a plan! 
Valued at $650

Website Review:


“As I’m very new and still growing…I finally took a leap of faith and booked Dawn’s mentorship. Let me say IT WAS WORTH EVERY CENT!!!! I was able to come back with more confidence and direction. She’s not just talented but she’s gifted. This girl knows her stuff…and to be able to teach it, in a way that can be comprehensive is also a talent. I can’t wait to keep taking more of her mentorship because in my opinion it’s so so so worth it.”

Ashley S

“I felt so relieved and excited because I could tell she had really spent the time prior getting to know me, my business, and coming up with super practical steps that I can take to reach all my goals.”


“She focused on everything that I wanted to ask and more. Learning from her was an honor and even getting to just talk, I made a new friend. MVP of them all. LEARN FROM HER.”