the elopement experience

I love giving you ALL of the resources and knowledge that I have gained over the last handful of years...


I want to be apart of every single moment of your day, and the one you lean on when you need help with anything. Need help picking out a location? Picking out your dress? Hiring vendors? What to pack? Need an officiant? Florist? Makeup Artist?
I got you.

Let's talk about what you can expect from your pacific northwest photographer

I promise not to pose you like your prom photos! I like giving direction and guidance all while making sure I capture you in your element where the true love and real emotions come out. For example, I won’t tell you to put your hand on your partners cheek but I might tell you to “pull them in close” or “go in for a kiss”—something that will spark an action but doesn't feel forced. The best photos are always the ones that sometimes feel like you aren’t doing it “right”. But that’s the best part—there is no right or wrong. Every couple is different and the way they show their love is unique and special.

a lot of my couples have never been in the front of the camera before...


Got a question that I didn't answer here? 

On our wedding day, my best friend captured some polaroid photos of our elopement and they have become some of my most cherished wedding photos. This candid picture snaps a moment of time for you to have forever and I can’t wait to gift you yours.

As an added bonus, I take a moment of each elopement to capture a polaroid to gift you at the end of the day....

something extra!

Ready to become friends?  I can't wait to meet you.

Honestly, I hate the word “clients” because to me…when you trust in me with your special day, I give my all to you and make sure that I am being not only your photographer, but a forever friend.

Over the years I have photographed hundreds of people and I can truly say that they have turned into hundreds of friends.


One of mine is act’s of service…with that being said I feel as if it’s my duty to make sure all of my couples know how hard I will always work for them and prove my appreciation to them during and long after our shoot.

you know I love and truly believe in love languages.

if you know me...