My Honeymoon exploring Banff National Park, Canada

Banff is one of those places you can’t just go once. It’s unreal beautiful and gets better every time! We originally planned our honeymoon to hike around Yosemite for a few days, and then go to Disneyland since neither of us had ever been. But the more we thought about it, and thought about leaving Zeus for for a week or so, we just couldn’t’ do it anymore. So we ditched all those plans, and planned a honeymoon in Banff, with ZEUS! Since we drove up for our wedding, we just continued driving all the way to Banff (about 10 hours).

We spent the entire week exploring the lakes, and everyday got bagels + coffee and went to the Canmore Dog Park because it was MASSIVE, had a huge pond for Zeus to swim in, and tons of other dogs to play with him.

I’m so so so glad we hired India + Jay to come, join us for our first full day on our adventure, and capture some memories for us! I really wanted photos of us there, and Dusty was down as long as it was in the beginning of the trip. We took them to our favorite spots around the National Park and just kept stopping on the side of the road for more fun spots.

Hanging with India and Jay was so effortless! I had already met India in the past, and I knew they would get along great with Dusty and I knew they would love Zeus so I was so excited to be able to spend the day together.

I truly recommend to anyone, get photos on your honeymoon! They don’t need to be steamy pictures in the bedroom, but I am beyond thankful we got more bridals of us around these beautiful places and the lifestyle ones too. They feel so us, and so chill and that’s a big reason why I love them so much. Our wedding photos are hands down some of my favorites also, but it was definitely more pressure that day, so these felt so carefree and easy.

Photography: India Earl

Videography: Raised By Woods

Zeus’ White Bandana: Paws N Pines

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