Cape Kiwanda Adventure with Tyler and Todd

Have you ever just met a couple + just clicked INSTANTLY!? I walked into Tyler + Todd’s airbnb and truly felt like we were already friends. We had only talked over instagram a bunch to set this shoot up but when I walked in, I was greeted with hugs + lots of puppy kisses!

We hung out, drank wine, ate the magical cheese board Todd made, and just got to know each other. We then explored all over their lil beach side cabin, with their pups, even chased after them when they bolted to the ocean! haha!!

These incredible husbands are so beyond inspiring. They are such a genuine, amazing couple with so many dreams + goals ahead, gosh I could talk to them for hours about dreams + photography and all the things.

I’m honestly so thankful we met through Instagram + met up when they came to Oregon, and as cheesy as this sounds, I feel like we will be friends forever!!

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