Snowy Proposal at Yosemite National Park // Sydnee + Zack

After a weeklong roadtrip through the desert, california coastline, and countless National Parks, Sydnee + Zack got engaged at Tunnel View at Yosemite National Park! This day was SOO hard to keep secret, and such a freaking adventure. A lil backstory….Sydnee + Zack are the basically the sweetest ever! I’ve been lucky to have known Sydnee for a few years now, and our friendship has gotten stronger every time we’ve hung out! I actually never met Zack until the morning of their engagement, but I truly felt like we were already friends! Zack emailed me about 2 months before this day, asking if I would fly down to Yosemite, and photograph this big moment for them in the park. He envisioned a sunset, overlooking the whole park at a spot he hiked to before. The snow changed the plans a bit, so we couldn’t drive up to Glacier Point, but there was no disappointment when we saw this view.

Also, due to the snow, my rental car might not have made it into the park, so Zack and I made a secret plan to trick Sydnee into letting me ride with them into the park. I tricked Sydnee into thinking she was giving me a ride to another couple in the park for a “different photoshoot” I had. Once driving through the big Tunnel, I convinced them to stop and “model” for a few photos!

Sydnee had no idea she was about to be engaged. They both cried, were cheered on by the 20 people hanging out at Tunnel View, and then ran straight to the car to snuggle their German Shepherd, Rome!

We explored the park all the day, capturing memories all along the way. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Ps. Sydnee is an incredible photographer, so follow along her journey

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