Banff Bus Adventure

Two years ago when Kalen and Kyle bought this old school bus and were planning on FULLY renovating it, I immediately knew that I wanted to take their photos in it when it was complete. I trusted Kalen’s AMAZING artistic design and Kyle’s mechanic and engineering skills to make this bus the bus of ALL buses. Can I say bus one more time? When you see these images you will understand why- I am OBSESSED. How incredible and aesthetically pleasing is this big white beauty? The black accents make my heart burst! Kalen and Kyle are on a new lifestyle adventure, them and their little pup Cake will be traveling the world in their bus. Something that they created together and now get to enjoy to the fullest. Cake was the star of the show in most of these shots, and ill tell you why…As a dog mom, and a photographer…When I have photos taken of me and my family, I want them to portray my truest self. Which is snuggling on the couch, playing with my pups, watching Netflix. Because those moments, that may seem so small and like nothing to others. Mean the world to me. Those images are ones I want to look back on.
When Kalen and Kyle finished their bus and reached out to me, I joked about being in Banff soon, and that they should come with…well guess what? They were down and drove 15 hours in Cascade (that’s their bus name how cute?) and met me at Lake Bow. The images truly speak for themselves and I would replay this shoot over and over again if I could. Kalen and I have supported each other for so many years between my photography and her artistic projects. I hope you enjoy this shoot. It was years in the making and I am so excited to see it come to life. If you aren’t already you should check out the bus Instagram- yes you guys, their bus has an INSTAGRAM! But it’s SO COOL! Especially if you want to see how it transformed from a chippy yellow school but to what it is now! Follow @roamingrovers to see! You won’t regret it!

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