Anniversary In Home Session

My favorite type of shoots are when I get to reconnect with past couples that I’ve already photographed. This was true in this super cozy in home shoot with Kacie and Dylan. I have known Kacie for around 10 years through small town living and mutual friends. I shot their wedding a handful of years ago and when she reached back out to me to do an in home session I jumped at the opportunity. The best part is this is their first home and they have put so much time and effort into it. Through endless DIY projects and the most dreamy home decor they made it THEIRS! Being a first time homeowner myself- I understand how much dedication it takes to get projects done, especially with a busy lifestyle. So I respected and felt so honored being able to come into their home- which is such a personal space.
Speaking of busy- they also built a little barn out back that houses their chickens and sheep! I was dying when I saw them- so dang cute ya’ll. They have raised the sheep from when they were little babies, look how big they are now! On top of being on the farm and taking care of all their animals they have paid attention to all the small details in their home. Did you see that basket wall on their patio? The perfectly styled shelves in their living room? I CANNOT! Overall- this shoot was incredible and I wanted to make sure that I captured them how they actually are. Just being themselves. Which looking back- I am confident that I did which makes me SO happy! I love seeing everyone’s different lifestyles come through their photos! I cant wait for more snuggly in home shoots this winter when temperatures start to get more chilly. Bring em ON!

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