Gods Thumb, Oregon Anniversary Session

Have you all ever heard of or seen God’s Thumb? It’s one of my favorite sights, I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot their in the spring. That’s when it’s filled with lush greenery and reminds me EXACTLY of Ireland. Devin, Jess, and I connected on Instagram and when they reached out to me wanting to do their anniversary session, I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to shoot them. I sent them over photos of the location and we all DIED. It was perfect and they were so excited. We set out on a weekday in mid May, we found a short cut hiking trail that led us to the top in only 1 mile. We strapped on our boots and sloshed through the mud. It was SO fun. Couples that are down for the journey make the photos that much sweeter. When we showed up, there wasn’t a person in sight, the skies were blue, and no signs of showers. We were all completely shocked. Being Oregonians, you never really know what you are going to get.
We shot for a while. I loved asking them about their love languages. Learning what each other needed from the other, I always make sure to have my couple connect on their deepest level in my shoots- it totally translates in the photos. They showed each other physical touch, and said constant words of affirmation. It was just perfect. My vision for this shoot was showing how small we are in this big crazy world. I stepped back and got all the wide shots, showing how tiny Devin and Jess looked on the horizon, and then also got some super close u intimate shots to show the love they have for each other.  When I am able to mix my couples in with my dream shoots, it makes everything come full circle for me. Devin and Jess- thank you so much for trusting my vision. This was the most beautiful day. I love love.

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