Painted Hills Engagement Session

THESE guys are EVERYTHINNNGG. Adam and Bernardo moved to Portland about a year ago to simply try it out. They have loved living in Oregon and for their engagement shoot they wanted to explore a new place where they had never been. We agreed on the Painted Hills- which you guys know I LOVE to shoot there! It made me feel so special that they wanted me to capture their love before they moved back to the East Coast. I met A&B on Instagram through some mutual friends and I am SO thankful that I did. They are truly the nicest couple and it makes me remember that people are put in your path for a reason. By these photos you would NEVER know that Adam and Bernardo had NEVER modeled in front of a camera, yeah.. I know hard to believe huh? They are BADASS YouTubers and IG’ers but always just set up their tripod to take their photos. They were a little nervous to step in front of the camera and DAMN YA’LL they KILLED IT. I am shook still over these images. Seriously love these and I am so obsessed with them.

Feel free to go check out their YouTube channel here- I LOVE watching them! Stepsof2Foreigners



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