Southern Oregon Coast Elopement

Sarah and Blake are super chill people. All they wanted was a laid back and fun elopement. Sarah’s sister and Blake’s brother came along as witnesses and it was the BEST day! I have never laughed so much during an elopement. Seriously S&B love to just let loose and have a good time, my kinda people! We met at an Airbnb to get ready, then explored the Oregon Coast. One of my favorite parts? WE STOPPED AT AN EFFING GOODWILL GUYS! If you know me you know I LOVE thrifting. It was such a fun touch to an already amazing day.
For the ceremony we went to Secret Beach, when we arrived we were all bummed because it was SO dang foggy. Couldn’t see a thing. Sarah wanted this incredible view, but with the fog it was just covering the whole view. WELLLLL, as the ceremony kept going, the fog kept letting up and when they kissed as newleyweds….the fog was GONE. It opened up and seriously was so incredible. I can truly say for them that Samuel H. Boardman Park will hold a special place in their heart after that day. Not only did the sun come through, but it’s sooo close to the Redwoods that you get the best of both worlds of woody tree’s and also the beach and shoreline.
It was a true Pacific Northwest adventure.
From climbing through tree’s and ferns to the high peaks of rocks on the shorelines. Secret Beach where we had the ceremony was a short walk and I cannot recommend it more to future couples. It’s an EASY hike and has so much to offer. The landscape is incredible and you can have so many looks in one spot! I hope to shoot many more couples and elopements here. It’s one of my favorite spots and is so fun and versatile.
Sarah and Blake, your day was so magical and I am so thankful that you choose me as your photographer to capture your day!

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