Sunrise Elopement at the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

Ricki + Jake’s sunrise elopement at Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor & the Jedediah Smith Redwoods was a freaking DREAM!!

samuel h. boardman

Ricki + Jake’s love story

One of my favorite parts about getting to meet all kinds of couples is hearing their LOVE STORIES! Every story is so unique and special and makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside. You feel me?


So, I asked Ricki to give me a brief reminder about their story because my couples can ALWAYS tell their story better than I can!

samuel h. boardman

Here’s the cute lil’ blurb Ricki wrote out for me:

“Jake and I met in high school and had no idea where the next 6 years were going to take us. Immediately we connected and life was easy together.

We bonded over laughter and fell in love under the stars on my balcony. Jake has always been more easygoing and spontaneous and I am a perfectionist with a schedule. 

Together, we created balance- we are a team that strengthens each other’s weaknesses.”

Crying, y’all. How freaking sweet is that?

oregon coast elopement

The location: Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

One of the best parts about photographing elopements (besides hearing love stories) is taking couples to beautiful places and seeing their reactions!


Ricki + Jake dreamed of eloping at this spot for sooo long, and we made it happen! I don’t blame them – the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor is one of my most favorite spots for coastal elopements. With epic rock formations, tidepools, insane sunsets, and the Cali redwoods just an hour away, it’s a DREAM come true.

samuel h. boardman

Who else wants to get married here?! Let’s do it!!


More Oregon Coast elopement inspiration at this spot

Also, make sure to check out Page + Taylor’s Unique Oregon Coast/California Redwoods Adventure Elopement for more inspo at this insane location!!

couple embracing each other

A sweet testimonial about their experience with me as their Oregon elopement photographer

To end on a super sweet note, Ricki + Jake wrote the absolute kindest testimonial about their experience working with me as their Oregon adventure elopement photographer. They also wrote about their decision to elope and why it was the right decision for them!

I am blown away by what they wrote and am so beyond thankful I got to celebrate them!! Give it a read below!

couple embracing each other

“When we finally decided to get married, we had lots of discussions about what we wanted the day to be about. The stress that comes with planning a wedding with lots of people didn’t really appeal to us because we would end up being more concerned about pleasing other people than we would be thinking about us committing our lives to each other. 


Then, we came across Dawn’s Instagram page and fell in love with the passion in the pictures and we just knew that we would have a blast running around on our wedding day in the most beautiful location- just being able to focus on our marriage and being together. 


For that day, we were able to not care about the details and just be in the moment. There were little things that weren’t perfect but I was able to look past them and just be in the moment. Jake had the time of his life is right in the middle of the most breathtaking places in the world. 

couple embracing each other

As we were standing on top of one of the natural bridges, the adrenaline running through our bones was unlike any other emotional high. It’s a moment we will never forget.


Eloping allowed us to let go of our imperfections and just be together. 


There were no expectations, just whatever we wanted because Dawn made it a point to make our elopement everything we desired. Dawn was more than a photographer… she was also our elopement planner. 

oregon coast elopement

She gave out recommendations for everything from florals to makeup to the cheese board and all of it was better than expected. Both of us had seen pictures from the Boardman area but had no idea where it was or how to get there. We told Dawn what we wanted and she took over from there! We trusted that she was going to be the best “tour guide” in a way (and she was). 


Beyond our elopement, she helped us pack for our honeymoon and gave recommendations on other places to visit. She even bought a drone for our elopement!! We felt so special – she really does go above and beyond. 


All in all, Dawn is the whole package. She brings all the fun and helps plan the whole day perfectly. We are already thinking about 5-year anniversary pictures with her! I would recommend her to anyone!”

oregon coast elopement

Their Oregon Coast wedding vendors

These two had the best team to help them bring their dream Oregon Coast elopement to life – check them out below!!


Hair/makeup: @makemeupcyn

Florals: brier + ivy

Cheeseboard: @boards_by_madeline

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