Rainy Oregon Coast Engagement Photos | Kiela + Derrick

Who says you can’t have fun in the rain?! Taking Kiela + Derrick’s Oregon Coast engagement photos was SUCH a blast, we had so much fun despite the rain and their photos turned out amazing!!

oregon coast engagement photos

Kiela + Derrick’s Oregon Coast Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos in the Rain!

Y’all I’m here to remind you that engagement photos in the rain can be SO much freaking fun!! I know everybody dreams of that sunny golden hour lighting for their photoshoot, but let’s be real – it’s not realistic to expect that here in the PNW. We know better!

oregon coast engagement photos

These two earth-tone-wearing dreamy babes are not only the kindest couple ever, but they are literally HILARIOUS! When it started pouring rain on their shoot in the most typical Oregon fashion, they just had the best time goofing off & enjoying it!!

oregon coast engagement photos

Instead of worrying about their hair or their makeup or outfits getting dirty, K + D totally embraced it. They ran around on the beach with their pup, dancin’ around, heading into the waves, and just basically looking like they were in a Nicholas Sparks movie! 

oregon coast engagement photos

We enjoyed the beach, the gorgeous coastal rock formations, explored the caves, and then headed to one of my fave spots on the coast for a cute AF little picnic in the grass. We laughed SO much throughout this session and had the actual best time ever!

oregon coast engagement photos

The Location: Hug Point, Oregon

The first location we shot at is Hug Point, one of my fav spots on the coast! It’s got caves, waterfalls, forests – it’s suchhh a diverse area. It truly allows your elopement to feel so adventurous and gives you a huge variety of locations to explore!

oregon coast engagement photos

For more photos at Hug Point, check out Miriam & Braulio’s Intimate Hug Point, Oregon Beach Wedding!


The second spot is one of my favorite little Oregon Coast secrets – only to be shared with my couples 😉

oregon coast engagement photos

How to Elope on the Oregon Coast

If you’re JUST as in love with the Oregon Coast as I am, you needed to consider it for your elopement location!!


I’ve got a WHOLE blog post about How to Elope on the Oregon Coast: Permits, Locations, & More!

oregon coast engagement photos

Where Should You Elope in Oregon?!

And if you’re wanting to look at more amazing locations in Oregon other than the coast, check out my guide on Where to Elope in Oregon: Most Beautiful Elopement Locations!

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