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Negin + Jeff reached out to me super last minute for their beach elopement at Cape Kiwanda, and I’m SO glad they did! Plus they brought THE cutest dogs!


Negin + Jeff’s beach elopement


This one is a crazy story!! These guys reached out to me on Instagram only a few weeks before they were going to elope at Cape Kiwanda. I was sooo excited, but at the time, I was already booked on their day! 

After talking to my other sweet couple, they moved their engagement photos to another day. They were so excited for Negin + Jeff to have their elopement! Talk about THE most amazing couples I get to work with.



These two amazing, kind humans truly put their full trust in me. They let me choose their first look spot, and their ceremony spot, and continuously asked for my advice. I loved showing them around my favorite coastal spot in Oregon and talking about their love story, dreams, and plans for the future.



We adventured around Cape Kiwanda with their pups, getting the most PNW weather ever with the sun peeking through the clouds in the sky. They ended the night goofing off in an outdoor shower where they were staying, and sitting by a campfire with their pups!



The beauty of elopements is that every one of them is so different! It just allows you to be so true to who you are!! I’m so grateful for every opportunity I get to photograph someone’s special day and to help make it all true to them, just like we did with Negin + Jeff.


A sweet review from the couple


As an Oregon elopement photographer it means the absolute world when my amazing couples leave me reviews of our experience together. Negin + Jeff left me the sweetest one ever and I couldn’t not share it!



“Dawn is so talented and incredible! We decided to elope since our wedding got pushed to next year so we reached out to Dawn last minute. Even though she was busy on the day we wanted to elope, she changed her plans to ensure we eloped on the day we wanted. She made the entire process so easy and helped us through every single step of the way. 



Why an Oregon Coast wedding?


Now that I’ve gushed over these two wonderful humans, let’s talk a little bit about why you should have an Oregon Coast wedding! The Oregon Coast is truly one of the most magical places ever, even though I may be biased being a PNW lover at heart. So besides it being simply magical, why should you consider having an Oregon Coast wedding?!


Beach elopement


1. Location variety

The Oregon Coast has sooo much more than just sandy beaches. In fact, most of the beautiful beaches along the coast have a signature rocky look, not that white-sandy-beach look like Hawaii’s got! The beaches along the coast are so unique to the PNW and you can always tell when a beach is on the WA or OR coast versus the Cali coast or Kauai.

Oregon Coast beaches truly offer it all for whatever kind of vibe you’re looking for for your elopement – except tropical. 



If you want a hiking adventure elopement, hit up Cape Kiwanda! It’s famous for its huge, beautiful orange-red rocks that definitely involve some climbing. Kiwanda also has areas of black rocks on the shore that I absolutely love and that create so much depth to the look of the beach. 

Beaches along the Oregon Coast also usually sit next to the cutest little towns. For example, Cape Kiwanda is in Pacific City, an adorable coastal town! This means that on your elopement day, you not only have access to stunning beaches but also to fun local shops, restaurants, and cozy Airbnb’s/lodging. Eloping on the Oregon Coast is easy AF to do and make an amazing day out of because of all you can do!



2. It’s the perfect getaway

Continuing on that note – the Oregon Coast is just the perfect little getaway for your elopement. You can find a cute Airbnb to stay in, and get ready there in the morning. Then, go grab coffee at a local coffee shop before you head to the beach. Find your perfect spot, elope + say your vows, find a local restaurant or brewery for dinner, and go out walking around the town to find ice cream at night. There are ENDLESS fun options to make your elopement more than just a day! Make it a weekend or week-long getaway for you + your partner. Basically, you can just have your whole honeymoon on the coast right after you tie the knot if you want to!



3. Allll the PNW vibes

And lastly, if you’re a big fan of all the PNW vibes like I am, the coast is the place to get alllll of it. The unpredictable, rainy weather + cool, fresh air + beautiful, lush greenery. Even if you elope during the summer, you’ve gotta prepare for rain and overcast weather because you never know what Oregon will give you. Especially if you’re by the ocean!


Top 3 best beaches for an Oregon elopement

Now I’m going to briefly go into 3 of the best beaches along the coast for an Oregon elopement to help you start brainstorming for your own big day!


Cape Kiwanda 


This is the beach Negin + Jeff eloped at! Again – it’s famous for its orange-red, beautiful, textured rocks. Here are a few things to note about eloping at Cape Kiwanda:

  • If it’s super rainy/stormy out, prepare for a high tide and to walk in some water!
  • There is a parking lot for your car
  • Bathrooms + hoses to rinse off are available 


Hug Point


Hug Point is another gorgeous spot on the coast! It’s got a beautiful waterfall, lots of greenery + forested areas, and the most gorgeous rocky areas + cliff sides.

  • Make sure you know how high the tide is – if it’s fairly high, we’ll have to walk in some water to get around the corner of one of the cliffs!
  • Bathrooms are available
  • There is a parking lot
  • There are picnic areas available if you want to have a picnic during your elopement – so fun!!


Cannon Beach 


If you’re not from the PNW but have seen photos of the Oregon Coast, it’s super likely you saw photos of Cannon Beach! That’s where Haystack Rock is – the huge rock shaped like a haystack that’s pretty well-known in the PNW. Cannon Beach has the cutest little town with lots of local shops and beautiful hotels to stay at. It’s amazing for an elopement + a fun getaway! Check out this Elopement on the Southern Oregon Coast for more elopement inspiration!


Enjoy the rest of Negin + Jeff’s beautiful gallery at Cape Kiwanda!!

couple on a cliffsidecouple on a cliffside with dogscouple walking dogs on a cliffsidecouple drinking beer on a cliffbride on a cliffside bride and groom in the PNWcouple dancing on a cliffsidecouple on a cliffsidecouple exchanging vows in the PNWcouple standing on a cliffcouple on a cliffsidecouple walking dogs on a beachcouple on a beach with dogscouple in an outdoor shower couple in an outdoor showerdogcouple sitting by the fire

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