Keziah & Kaleb’s Anniversary Pictures at Olympic National Park

Y’alllll I have been DYING to share all of these anniversary pictures that I took of Kez & Kaleb!! We had THE best time exploring Olympic National Park together – getting all the Twilight vibes, sticking our feet in the water, & just hanging out. One of my fav sessions ever!!


Kez + Kaleb’s anniversary pictures

The backstory

Kez + I have actually been social media besties for a while now! We met on Insta about a year ago and became instant friends. She’s such a sweet soul and we are both obsessed with thrifting, Twilight (again – OBSESSED), + vintage wolf tees! How could we not become BFF’s?!?! This babe is my soul sister!

anniversary photo shoot

Their adventure anniversary session in Olympic National Park

These two road tripped in an RV all the way from Pennsylvania to explore Washington & a bunch of epic spots on the way. They hired me to photograph this day and it ended up seriously being the best day ever!


Finally getting to meet Kez in real life was so surreal! Tears were shed, there were lots of hugs, and we even wore matching vintage Wolf tees & got a selfie in them!

anniversary pictures

Kez + Kaleb are truly one of a kind. They have such a strong love, are so connected, and so amazing together! I feel so grateful to have been able to photograph them in Olympic National Park, one of the most beautiful spots in Washington. 


We explored Ruby Beach to get ALL the Twilight vibes, and visited the Hoh Rain Forest too for all the beautiful greenery! I love love how creative we got – the photos we created together are some of my fav shots ever. These two really allowed me to think outside of the box, and were so down to do whatever! They put their full trust in me and that shows in their gallery!

olympic national park beach

Kez + Kaleb’s bomb outfits

Plus, they wore the most bomb outfits from Urban Outfitters & Free People – two places I always recommend shopping for photoshoot outfits!

anniversary photo shoot

A sweet review from Kez

And Kez wrote me the absolute SWEETEST review ever – I had to include it!!


“Where to even start… Dawn was a breath of fresh air just when we needed it. It felt like we were hanging out with a good friend even though we just met. 


She told us to trust her and we knew we would be blown away at the result. These images mean so much to us! 


We fell in love with the PNW – the tall pine trees, the fog, the ferns, all the twilight vibes! Our session felt like we were adventuring in epic spots for a perfect date night. Dawn has a way of making you feel so special and loved. 


I felt emotional saying bye at the end of the night because she feels like a soul sister that you want to have in your life on the regular. We can’t thank her enough for these memories and these images. She’s the freaking sweetest and we can’t wait to adventure with her again someday!!”

anniversary photo shoot

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