Oregon Honeymoon Guide: What to Do, Where to Go, & More

I am totally 1000% biased, but Oregon may be one of the BEST honeymoon destinations in the country!! Especially for any couples who love adventuring, visiting epic locations, and feeling those PNW vibes. So I wanted to write an Oregon Honeymoon Guide for any couples looking to honeymoon in OR!

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I’ll be going through the key things you need to know when planning a honeymoon in Oregon: where to go, what to do, & what to eat. This is only a SMALL list of possibilities because the opportunities are seriously endless here!! Hopefully, this guide will get your ideas flowing & get you thinking about what your dream honeymoon in this amazing state would look like!

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Where to Go: The 7 Wonders of Oregon

First off, let’s talk about where you HAVE to visit! Oregon makes it way too easy because the entire state is FILLED with stunning locations. 


There’s even a set of locations called the 7 Wonders of Oregon, which are some of the most beautiful place in the state. So, I’m going to go through each of those & include helpful links where you can get more details!

1. Columbia River Gorge 

The Gorge is a national scenic area FULL of amazing spots to visit. You can legit just drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway, and you’ll see all of the epic views of the river, the Cascade mountains, and hills everywhere. 


There’s tons of options depending on the type of scenery you’re wanting to visit: waterfalls, wildflowers, mountain hikes, river activities, & more. But you can’t visit the gorge without seeing its amazing waterfalls!

honeymoon in oregon

Waterfalls on the Gorge: Latourell, Multnomah, & Bridal Veil 


Latourell Falls is a super beautiful, easily accessible waterfall on the side of the highway. Check out this Styled Waterfall Wedding at Latourell Falls to see all the beautiful scenery at this spot!

honeymoon in oregon

Multnomah Falls is one you can’t miss – it’s got a visitor center, gift shop, restaurant, and plenty of trails to walk around. It’s a great pit stop on a road trip if you need to get out and walk!


Finally, Bridal Veil Falls is another gorgeous viewpoint along the highway. It’s an easy walk to the falls, and the lush greenery is to die for!

oregon honeymoon

Photo by Nahid Sultana

2. Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the country and is SUCH an insane sight to see!! The lake is so incredibly blue, and you can hike down to be near the water. You’ll see tons of cliffs and forests on the picturesque island and will be so happy you went to visit!

3. Painted Hills

Ahhhh the Painted Hills is one of my fav spots in Oregon! The hills are named the Painted Hills for a reason: they’re full of natural colors and stripes that are so freaking epic to walk around. You’ll see reds, oranges, pinks, purples, and changing tones depending on the light, sky, + time of day. Truly such a unique location that is unreal to see in real life.

honeymoon in oregon

4. Oregon Coast

You HAVE to visit the Oregon Coast while you’re in Oregon! It’s def not like the Cali coast – no palm trees, hot sun, or warm water. 

This coast is famous for its PNW weather + moody vibes, and I LOVE it more than anything. 

Here are a few of my favorite spots along the coast to choose from for your honeymoon in Oregon!

honeymoon in oregon

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is the home of Haystack Rock, which you’ve probably seen in photos of the OR coast! It’s the best little town to visit, full of local shops, restaurants, and people walking around. It’s close to Seaside if you want to stay somewhere more in town, and then drive to Cannon Beach!

honeymoon in oregon

Lincoln City

Lincoln City is another great coastal spot to stay, with opportunities to surf, hike, and enjoy the ocean. There are plenty of epic views around Lincoln City, especially if you want to hike up a little higher!

Samuel H. Boardman

Lastly, Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor is one of THE most epic spots on the coast, in my opinion. It’s located on the southern border of the state, so it’s great if you want to hit up both Oregon for the coast & Cali for the redwoods! It’s got tidepools, beautiful rock formations, and EPIC views + sunsets!


Check out this Sunrise Elopement for real-life inspo at this location!!

honeymoon in oregon


5. Smith Rock State Park

If you’d prefer desert vibes for your honeymoon, the Bend/Terrebonne area is the place for you! Hit up Smith Rock State Park for epic orange rock formations, golden fields, and unreal sunsets during the summertime. It’s great for anybody who wants to hike and get stunning desert views, then hit up local restaurants nearby or go rafting on the river in Bend!

honeymoon in oregon

6. The Wallowas

The Wallowas are a stunning mountain range in Oregon, and would be sooo fun to visit on your honeymoon since you can ride a 3,700-foot gondola up to the peak of Mt. Howard!! The mountain views are epic, there are hikes everywhere, and you can visit Hell’s Canyon, which is the deepest river gorge in the US. Hell’s Canyon is even sometimes called “America’s Switzerland!”

honeymoon in oregon

7. Mount Hood

Last but not least, you’ve got Mount Hood! With crazy beautiful mountain views, lush green forests, plenty of trails to hike on, and lots of wildlife, this is such a gorgeous area. Hood River also has tons of cozy & cute Airbnb’s you can stay in for your honeymoon!

oregon honeymoon

Photo by Planetware

What to Do: Oregon Honeymoon Activities

Now let’s go through some fun ideas that you could do on your honeymoon!!

Get tattoos

Go get memorable tattoos together by a talented artist in Bend or Portland! Maybe something meaningful from your relationship, wedding day, or your honeymoon thus far!

Go skydiving

Want to go on a HUGE adventure?! Why not go skydiving together?!

Find a beautiful hike to go on

Book a honeymoon photo session

If you want to make the most fun memories on your honeymoon to have captured forever, book a honeymoon session with me!! We can explore wherever you want to go, and have THE best freaking time celebrating your new marriage!

honeymoon in oregon

Go camping

There are sooo many places to camp – Mount Hood, Bend, the coast. . . here’s a list of 30 of the best campgrounds in the state!

honeymoon in oregon

Photo by Emily T

Go white water rafting

Looking for a fun water-based thrill? Book a white water rafting adventure!

Go on a wine-tasting tour

Visit Thor’s Well

This is the most insane sinkhole!

Relax in the Terwilliger Hot Springs

Visit the Tillamook Creamery

And eat THE most delicious + fresh cheese & ice cream ever!

Book a stay at the Timberline Lodge

Stay in Mount Hood’s most gorgeous lodge! Fun fact – this lodge is the lodge you see in the wide hotel shots in The Shining!!

oregon honeymoon

Photo by SnowBrains

Where to Eat: Best Restaurants & Breweries in Oregon

Last but not least, let’s talk food!! Here are some of the BEST places to get food & drinks across the state!


The Cascade Dining Room at Timberline Lodge – Mount Hood, OR

The Painted Lady – Newberg, OR

Sybaris – Albany, OR

King Estate Winery – Eugene, OR

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails – Bend, OR

The Bay House – Lincoln City, OR


Pelican Brewing – Oregon Coast, OR

Sunriver Brewing – Sunriver, OR

pFriem Family Brewers – Hood River, OR

Cascade Brewing Barrel House – Portland, OR

Ecliptic Brewing – Portland, OR

Full Sail Brewing Co. – Hood River, OR

Portland food trucks

Yoshi’s Sushi

Matt’s BBQ

Kee’s Loaded Kitchen

Baby Blue Woodfire Pizza

Birriera La Plaza

Korean Twist

Bake On The Run

I hope this guide helped you start figuring out what you want your Oregon honeymoon to look like!! The options are ENDLESS, so really try to find activities that fit you both best: what you’ll enjoy most, what’ll help you relax, what’ll make memories. Happy honeymooning!!

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