How to Elope in Oregon: An Oregon Elopement Planning Guide

Consider this your ultimate guide to planning your dream Oregon elopement! We’re talking about all things how to elope in OR, from vendors to locations & more.

how to elope

So here’s what I’ll go through in this guide:

  • Why elope in Oregon?
  • Picking your perfect location
  • The best time of year for an Oregon adventure elopement
  • Hiring your photographer
  • Planning with your photographer
  • Hiring your other vendors
  • Makin’ it legal
  • Getting your permits
  • Leaving No Trace
  • Finding a place to stay
  • Creating magical memories

elope in Oregon

Why elope in Oregon?

Y’all, it’s no secret that I’m freaking OBSESSED with my home state!! I swear it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet and we truly have everyyyyy single type of environment you could dream of.


And the 7 Wonders of Oregon are nothing short of incredible, and provide amazing amazing places to elope!!

how to elope

Here are the 7 Wonders that you definitely need to check out and consider for your Oregon elopement:

  1. Columbia River Gorge
  2. Crater Lake
  3. Painted Hills
  4. Smith Rock State Park
  5. The Wallowas
  6. Oregon Coast
  7. Mt. Hood 

oregon elopement

The best places to elope in Oregon

You’re in luck if you’re trying to figure out WHERE the heck to elope in Oregon because I’ve already got a WHOLE GUIDE for you!! Check out my blog post on Where to Elope in Oregon: Most Beautiful Elopement Locations for the full details of each location – but I’ll give you the brief rundown right here first!!

  • The Oregon Coast

how to elope

Check out my Oregon Coast elopement guide here!!

  • The mountains

Oregon wedding

  • The Oregon desert

elope in Oregon

  • Forests + trees

Oregon wedding

  • Water + waterfalls

elope in Oregon

In fact, if you want to see some real-life Oregon elopement inspiration at some of these locations, take a look at the stunning elopements + intimate weddings below!!



And know that, as your elopement photographer, I’ll be here to help you pick the perfect location that fits your vibe + your vision. We want your day to be as meaningful as possible and location is a big part of that!

Oregon wedding

The best time of year for an Oregon adventure elopement

When considering what location you want to elope at, you also need to choose what time of year you want to elope during!!

Personally, I think that fall is one of your best options for an Oregon elopement. Many locations are less crowded in the fall than in the summertime, plus you get the most incredible colors in the trees, leaves, and trails!!

Oregon wedding

In fact, I’ve got a whole guide on How to Elope in Oregon in the Fall that you need to check out to learn about the best locations for a fall elopement, and how to plan for the weather!!


Hiring your Oregon elopement photographer

After you pick out your perfect location it’s time to hire your Oregon elopement photographer – a.k.a. me!!

Oregon wedding

I photograph elopements alllll across Oregon and am an EXPERT in all things Oregon weddings + adventure elopements since I’ve photographed soooo many of them.


You can take a look at my Oregon elopement packages below, as well as read about what your experience working with me will be like here!

how to elope

Sound like a perfect fit for you?! Fuck yeah!! Contact me here & let’s start planning your dream Oregon elopement!


Planning with my full elopement guide

Once you hire me as your photographer (let me interrupt and say fuck yes!!! I cannot WAIT to be by your side & celebrate with you!!), you’ll receive a full elopement guide from me!


I know what you’re thinking – is this blog post not your full elopement guide??

elope in Oregon

Nope!! This is just an awesome guide + resource on specifically eloping in Oregon. 


But, my full elopement guide that my booked couples receive is PACKED full of tips, resources, and information to help you plan + dream up every single aspect of your elopement.

elope in Oregon

Besides, I’m not just here to be your photographer – I’m here to make sure your elopement day is your absolute DREAM day. And my elopement guide will be incredibly helpful in making that happen!!


Hiring the rest of your dream team

Next, it’s time to hire the rest of your dream team of vendors!! Your vendors are SO freaking important in making sure your vision comes to life, that you’re taken care of, and that you have the best day in the world.

how to elope

Below are some of my fav Oregon wedding vendors that I work with often + trust to take care of my couples!!









Oregon wedding

Makin’ it legal

Getting your marriage license in Oregon

This is an important one that can easily fall through the cracks among the more exciting parts of elopement planning: getting your Oregon marriage license!

how to elope

In fact, every county in Oregon has slightly different requirements & procedures for getting a marriage license, but in general, you’ll want to make sure you do this plenty ahead of time. That way, you’re not rushing last-minute or panicking about getting it in time. 

Oregon wedding

Typically, you’ll be filling out a permit application online or printing one out + mailing it in, along with some sort of payment for the license fee/application fee. Your application will be reviewed, and then you’ll receive your copy!


Keep in mind that in Oregon, there’s also a 3-day waiting period from the time your purchase your license until the time that it’s valid. However, you can purchase a waiver from the waiting period if you’d like to! 

oregon elopement

In short, do your research on your specific county, and make sure your license allows you to hold your ceremony anywhere in Oregon!

Hiring an officiant

Next, you also will need to remember to hire an officiant!! Officiant Jimmie is an absolutely incredible officiant I work with often, so definitely check him out first!

Oregon wedding

Getting your location permits

Along with getting your marriage license, you’ll need to obtain any permits specific to your location that are necessary to make your ceremony legal! Permits vary between national and state parks, but generally, you’ll need a Special Use Permit of some sort. You can find the specific details on national park & state park websites!


Please do this PLENTY ahead of time, as permits can often take a while to be approved and arrive.

elope in Oregon

Also, make sure you look into what that permit entails, as far as guest counts/limits, vehicle restrictions, equipment restrictions, time restrictions, etc. Pay attention to the little things, too – are dogs allowed? Is a certain trail off-limits? Does this one trail have a different guest capacity than that trail over there?

oregon elopement

Leaving No Trace with your Oregon elopement

If you’re not familiar with the Leave No Trace organization + 7 principles, now’s your time to get familiar with it!


These 7 principles are in place to help us minimize our impact on the environment and to keep the land as beautiful when we leave as it was before we arrived. We want couples & families to be able to visit the location in the future and see the exact same beauty we saw – but that can’t happen if we’re disrespectful to the environment and aren’t intentional about the impact we carry.

Oregon wedding

Here are the 7 Leave No Trace Principles we’ll be following on your elopement day, and that we’ll take into account when planning:

  • Plan ahead & prepare
  • Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

how to elope

Finding a place to stay

Another important thing that can be forgotten easily: finding a place to stay!

 Here’s a list of some of my fav Airbnbs + hotels around Oregon that are perfect for your elopement day/weekend/week:

how to elope

how to elope

Creating magical memories + celebrating

Finally, once alllll the planning is done and the big day is here, it’s time to freaking CELEBRATE!!


We’ll make tons of magic on the day of your elopement, creating memories for the two of you, simply having FUN with every aspect of the day, going with the flow, and taking pictures that you’ll be able to hold on to for the rest of your lives. Let’s pop some champagne + celebrate that the day has finally arrived and you get to literally have the best day of your lives!!

Oregon wedding

I’ll bring my Polaroid camera to give you fun film photos at the end of the day that you can keep forever. We’ll explore, adventure, and find an epic spot for you to say your vows. In short, I’ll be there every step of the way to capture it all, from the big moments to the tiny ones.

Ready to book your Oregon elopement with me and become BFFs?! Reach out here & let’s freaking do this thing!!


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